FGM International offers turn-key solutions for sustainable and profitable Large-Scale Farming projects.

A unique experience mix between countries, crops and methods, in every aspect of LSF® management

Farm+ delivers a unique IT blend to bring all Large-Scale Farming operations up to precision agriculture standards.



FGM International provides private investors and land owners with decades of technical and managerial expertise for Large-Scale Farming (LSF®), securing assets through strategic decision-making support, optimum yields and fast return on investment, at all project stages.

FGM International offers over 25 years of international experience in LSF® operations in Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe. We implement modern farming practices and management processes on most types of crop. Based in France, our team gathers managers and agricultural consultants of various backgrounds, from engineering to field operations and IT support. Making LSF® projects profitable and successful in challenging environments is our core expertise.

Save water
Root stronger
Grow Faster
Harvest heavier
Product healthier

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