Business Development in Kazakhstan

After Russia, Kazakhstan is the largest country in CIS, with a real agricultural potential. While climatic and agronomic conditions are difficult, Kazakhstan is in the top ten countries exporters of cereals and thus an important player on the international agriculture market. FGM has decided to develop its activities by providing technical and management know-how for the benefit of large-scale investors in Kazakhstan. During one week, FGM has met several private operators (holding, suppliers) in Pavlodar and Almaty regions. Thanks to its team of senior experts, russian speakers and with sound experience in CIS countries, FGM can provide hands-on services for arable and dairy farming.

Through a recognized managerial knowledge and worldwide experience, FGM INTERNATIONAL assist your Large Scale Operations Projects from the design, re-engineering, installation to production management and analysis of financial results. Feel free to contact us for more information about our job, to present your project and know what we can do for you!

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