FGM has over 25 years of international experience in Large-Scale Farming (LSF®) operations, in Africa, Middle East, and Eastern Europe countries. We offer turnkey solutions for profitable and sustainable Large-Scale Farming operations at all stages of LSF® projects and for most industrial crops. Our expertise is defined by a unique blend of farm development, farm operations, and LSF® performance and finance management skills.

Our historical clients are owners and stakeholders of large-scale agricultural projects. These investors have established a reliable partnership with FGM which has a long-track record of delivering and implementing tailored-made technical and managerial solutions. They utilize our specialized inputs and problem-solving talents to maximize profitability and sustainability of their projects within the best timeframe.

FGM International team is the main thrust of our business, covering strategic planning to field operations. Coupled with the innovative technical support supplied by Farm+, we deliver in the toughest situations. We take care of our client investment, and in particular manage and lower risk in the critical early years of a project.

How we do it

We have a unique experience mix in our team, from project managers and agronomists to crop managers across a wide variety of farming enterprises. We mobilize quickly the right expertise to make the proper decision for the benefit of your investment.

From our historical expertise in center pivots to rain-fed agriculture, we can operate most types of farming systems, delivering tailor-made solutions in every aspect of Large-Scale Farm management.

In addition to short-term missions, FGM proposes permanent on-site staffing for critical managing positions in LSF® projects, ensuring tight control at inception stage and training of farm staff. Our managers train your future operators according to international standards.

We work with ruthless focus on quality and efficiency, saving cost and protecting long term asset value.

Why we do it

We are passionate about farming and believe in long-term partnerships with our clients. We want to be part of a durable value generation for each project, and meet investor expectations.

We create profitable and sustainable farms, emphasising on responsible utilization of water, careful nurturing of soil and detailed monitoring of all crop inputs.

We promote the best integration of local communities within the project environment to ensure the ultimate benefit of the shareholders.

We enjoy each day of getting the job well done.

Our story …


France 1944: After the Allies’ last bombings in France, Jean Forgeard-Grignon established the first family farm in Saint-Julien-de-l’Escap. Located in the Southwest of France, (near our current location) it used to grow 4 hectares, and was operated with tow oxen and one horse.
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Jean Forgeard-Grignon teamed up with two neighbor farmers to create one of the first “GAEC” in France, a new type of agricultural company grouping several farmers into a large scale farm operation.
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In 1977, Jean’s elder son, whom is named Jean-Louis, was assigned as Farm Manager of a high-yield corn farm irrigated by pivots in the Southwest of France. Jean-Louis took on this position after graduating as an Agricultural Engineer with honors from ISA Lille, in France.
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In 1982, Jean-Louis Forgeard-Grignon was headhunted by Elf Aquitaine, a major oil company that became TOTAL, to strengthen the cereal division of the Group in Saudi Arabia. He was appointed to the Farm Manager position for his second large-scale farm operation, on 1200 ha, with center pivot systems supplied by deep wells drilled in a sandstone aquifer.
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As a direct outcome of all his experiences, Jean-Louis Forgeard-Grignon conceived an agricultural business that would satisfy Large Scale Farms’ technical needs, under “FGM Expert Farmer” brand name.
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From 1991 to 2000, Jean-Louis Forgeard-Grignon worked as a senior executive for a French company and then for a Greek consulting firm, dedicated to agricultural business and rural development worldwide. He developed a thorough knowledge of Eastern Europe and African farming projects. In 2000, he created his first company CA 17 International, specialized in operation of rural development project in developing countries.
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Upon increasing international demand for private farm projects, Jean-Louis Forgeard-Grignon decided to materialize his 1990 commercial concept and registered the FGM Expert Farmer separately from his existing company. He entrusted operational responsibility to his trainee, Merry Davieaud, a graduate from Agriculture high school, and his son, Antoine Forgeard-Grignon from Canada. Antoine, a business school graduate, took up financial and administrative responsibility of FGM Expert Farmer.
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In 2016, due to FGM’S fast paced development and the integration of new technologies, FGM Expert Farmer became FGM International.
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Together we grow!
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Where are we now …

Our Team.

Jean-Louis Forgeard-Grignon

Founder and Senior Executive

Nicolas Forgeard-Grignon

Deputy CEO

Merry Davieaud

Chief Operation Officer

Grow with us !