Organizational Chart and Management Procedures

The organizational chart is the schematic structure of the farm management. Associated management procedures are highlighted with guidelines. Operational departments, staff positions in each and interconnection between these, are presented in a schematic way along with their descriptions. This product aims at setting-up the optimal management system and reporting lines for the given project. FGM delivers a custom chart. Innovative management procedures are developed by FGM International to achieve better production results. Content and periodicity of management and technical meeting are highlighted for an optimal control of operations and reporting. Chart with relation between each department, staff and link with the top management line, Description of each department’s role and relationhip, Management tool(s) recommendations, Management’s meeting and reporting guidelines.

Staff List & Payroll Plan

The Staff List and Payroll Plan is a document calibrated on your project’s goals to highlight team requirements, as well as any necessary scale-up and payroll with incentives. The Staff List is necessary to enhance your payroll’s optimization according to the size of your operations and also to determine the cost of each operational department. The adequate sizing of the team and its payroll will prevent needless OpEx for permanent staff whilst ensuring adequate human resources during peak periods. Drawing on our considerable international experience, we provide a payroll scheme adapted to local standards and taking into account the specific job competences required by your project. A bespoke incentive scheme is designed according to your farming model to encourage long-term staff commitment. Detailed list of required staff including job title and allocation for each department, Payroll scheme with salary range per position, Description of specific incentive system according to production […]

Training Needs Analysis

Needs analysis is an important component and often the first step for the planning, implementation and evaluating of an agricultural project’s performance. By identifying the stakeholders and their needs, outcomes and activities can be tailored to suit. FGM International usually deals with staff and/or managers with performance improvement needs, in the frame of the projects we undertake. Given the growing rate of technological advance and development throughout the world, the necessity of assessing, adapting and enhancing performances couldn’t abstain itself from the agricultural field. Identifying performance improvement needs and then addressing them is one of the best ways to improve profitability. A PINA is a systematic combination of three basic processes: Performance Analysis: Analysis of the performance levels required for the various project position holders to perform optimally in terms of productivity. Assessment of the team’s current performance levels. Identification of any performance gap between above mentionned point that needs to […]

Organizational Chart Design

The organizational chart delivered by FGM International is the schematic structure of the farm management with operational departments, staff positions in each and interdepartmental relations. The management structure aims at setting up an efficient system and reporting lines to enable optimal field operation division. FGM has led the development of an innovative management structure in many outstanding projects that facilitated the agricultural production to achieve excellent results. This chart is useful both internally to plan and illustrate the management structure within the team; e.g. for new staff, and externally, to assist third party in identifying the proper position/contact person for relevant communications. The organizational chart supplements the payroll scheme to cover the major elements of the human resources aspect. Chart showing the relationship between each department, staff and link with the top management, Description of each department’s role and competences, as well as, and their interrelationship.

OpEx and Sales Estimates

The OpEx and Sales Estimates is an additional product to the crop husbandry plans product. It determines the operational costs of production and the related income according to the production potential. The OpEx and Sales Estimates include the list of required inputs (seeds, fertilizers and chemicals) and energy; e.g. fuel, electricity, with related quantities, updated unit prices and total cost. The Sale Estimates are based on realistic yield forecasts adjusted to take into account the site’s soil, water and climate potential, together with updated local and export market prices. An included gross margin matrix, forecasts possible variations according to any possible change in the main cost drivers; i.e. energy and selling prices enabling you to mitigate operational risk. This product can be immediately integrated into an overall Business Plan revision or used to confirm its technical and economic assumptions.Our team will deliver the following key figures : List of variable costs […]

Overall Project Master Plan

The overall project master plan comprises an exhaustive analysis of the entire set of feasibility studies; these usually cover the layout of the farm, including fields, camp and special infrastructure location, access roads as well as, the general irrigation network. According to the available studies; e.g. soil surveys, land occupation map or topography as well as, the project’s detailed strategies, FGM International optimizes the land use for the given production area. It is not a standard design, “one size fits all” project master plan but it considers in a custom way, all of your project’s unique parameters to optimize every square meter of cultivated soil according to its potential. Our master plan’s added value is the fact that it is developed focusing on the maximization of production through careful attention to the detail of every individual field, as well as, farm assets, project team skills, knowledge etc. Our team will […]

Equipment Requirements and Specifications

The equipment requirements and specifications consist in an independent advisory tool for the equipment list required for a specific crop. FGM International provides terms of reference ready to be submitted to any manufacturer to obtain a tailored quotation. FGM International’s approach is to maximize production utilising the minimum necessary equipment. The list of required equipment that FGM provides, avoids over-spending on costly and superfluous assets whilst enabling a scaled-up margin. The list focuses on the technical specifications and number of units required without promoting any specific manufacturer. Review of the crop requirements according to the project environment, Review of the equipment’s compatibility, complementarity and adjusment capability to achieve the desired performance, Listing and enumeration of the necessary equipment and indication of the ideal required technical specifications with metrics, power and special features for each piece of equipment.

Workshop Requirements and Design

The design of the workshop is an essential part of a successful project as it will enable good maintenance of the machinery to provide efficient operations, avoid breakdowns and facilitate quick repairs when required. The FGM practice prefers the workshop to be separated from any other service-facilities to promote efficient management. Its size should be well-defined and scalable to avoid excessive initial investment or maintenance shortage due to a lack of working space. In addition to the design, FGM International provides a tool and equipment’s list and related technical specs, to cover all the project’s requirements such as, mechanical maintenance, electrical work and pump, engine and irrigation upkeep. Internal organization of the workshop with optimal size, required materials and facilities, Workshop location requirements, List of tools & equipment.

Warehouse Requirements and Design

The design of the warehouse is indispensable to a successful project, as it ensures the efficient storage of essential parts, inputs and any other consumables. According to FGM International’s standards, the warehouse should be separate from any other service facilities in order to enable efficient operational management. Its size should be well defined and scalable to avoid excessive investment or lack of storage space as well as to facilitate the fast distribution and easy inventory of the goods. For production storage, please refer to our dedicated product production storage requirements and specifications. Warehouse requirement according to the project including size, recommended materials and required facilities. Internal organization of the warehouse.

Job Description Profiling

A proper job description profile facilitates the recruitment, the development and the performance’s follow-up of your human resources. It applies to farm managers, middle managers and employees. FGM International has been invested with multiple mandates to implement agricultural projects including the selection and recruitment of a farm’s staff, ranging from key-managers to field operators. Our job descriptions are prepared so as to be practical and field oriented. The job description is an added value to the payroll scheme as it is also an essential tool to enable sustained integrated management of human resources in terms of performance’s follow-up, support and career development. Job requirements: educational qualifications, experience and specific competences, Job details and position within the organization, Reporting line, General summary and presentation, Detailed main responsibilities and tasks, Key performance indicators.

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