Review of Soil Surveys

The thorough review of an existing soil survey aims at confirming its accuracy, adequacy and consistency as well as verifying the soil’s adequacy for the planned crop with technical standards according to FGM’s experience in similar conditions. The FGM International core team has successfully conducted a multitude of projects in many challenging environments, ranging from sand-desert areas to Siberian plains. From this experience we consider the soil as the key asset of crop production. A project’s soil structure might very well determine the production option and its quantity and quality. Thus, the accuracy of a soil study is a fundamental prerequisite to avoid incorrect development of the cropping area. Our considerable farming knowledge, including soil understanding, enables us to provide a fair appraisal of the available soil study’s quality before the client invests more CapEx into developing the project. Assessment of the adequacy of sampling density according to project requirement […]

Camp Layout Design

The camp layout will provide you with an optimized organization of your base camp to facilitate your production, operation and management. For remote sites, FGM International integrates the service infrastructure to accommodate the staff. The camp layout should optimize the machinery fleet’s traffic to reduce equipment downtime for maintenance and service purposes. Smart positioning of each facility will also facilitate staff contact to support reporting procedures and HR management. Drawing on its considerable experience of managing long-term agricultural projects, FGM International has sound practice in camp design, which is a key milestone in any project’s development and will provide a practical blueprint of the camp and its facilities. Base camp layout with position of buildings, roads, energy and sanitary facilities, Internal organization blueprint of key buildings (workshop, warehouse, office, storage facility, dormitory and restaurant), Circulation plan avoiding unecessary traffic, Specific recommendations.

Review of Water Resource Survey

The water survey is an overall review of our client’s existing water resource survey to confirm its adequacy compared with international technical standards, using as reference FGM’s previous experience obtained in similar conditions. Water resources are a key success factor for any irrigated agricultural project. These guarantee the irrigation potential of your project and may contribute towards estimating the major part of the project’s initial CapEx and OpEx requirements. Thus, having a robust and accurate hydrological or hydrogeological survey, is critical to secure such investments and mitigate a project’s development risks. Assessing water resources, either from a canal, rivers of deep wells, relies on multiple parameters such as testing wells, bibliographic data and on-site appraisal of the allocated land. It should take into account the water availability, its quality and the water rights. The overall review should indicate whether the water metrics fit the specific crop requirements in terms of […]

Production Storage Requirements and Specifications

An inadequate agricultural storage solution or practices might crucially affect the final product’s quality or occasion extra costs impacting the overall profit. We can secure your investment relying on our recognized ability for managing production storage in various environments and for many types of productions. According to the project’s targets outputs, the storage requirement can involve silos, pads, bag silos, drying facilities as well as cold storage. With a rigorous analysis of the production, the targeted market and logistics, we will deliver tailored and independent specifications to ensure the safe storage of your products. Key topics Review of storage needs according to the production, climate and target market. Tailored storage requirements: type, size, special facilities. Technical specification review.

Carbon Footprint Assessment

FGM’s carbon footprint assessment calculates the comprehensive greenhouse gases’ (GHG) emission for a given farming project and provides the client with an extensive study and advice concerning its the control of emissions. Following the Paris Climate Conference (COP21), back in 2015, over 150 countries have signed an international climate agreement to hold the global warming below 2°C. Since then, an increasing number of institutions and private groups are investing to reduce global emissions. With an assessment report of your carbon footprint, you will be able to: Measure the environmental performance of your agricultural project and thus forecast the project’s “carbon budget”, Adapt your management strategy to improve your farm’s environmental performance, Track and measure improvement over time, which will enable you to disclose a better carbon impact as a marketing advantage, Fulfill environmentally friendly or ethic certification to enter new markets according to your strategy. FGM international focuses on the […]

Energy Mix Appraisal

Our energy mix appraisal product provides the client with a comprehensive study of the energy performance of the full range of electricity generation technologies. Our team of experts will perform an extensive study of your project’s current energy performance (for an existing project) or determine the best energy mix for a new project. Starting  from  the  available  energy  resources  in  the  project  area,  the  objective  is  to compare the full range of energy production technologies (grid, fossil and renewable), integrating criteria such as life cycle and constraints during operations. Also included are the various costs and returns on investment to determine the most appropriate mix of energies to be used, to optimize your OpEx and CapEx expenditures. Calculation of all energy requirements, including seasonal variation, for the project in question. Review of energy generation solutions according to site location and available infrastructure. Contact with suppliers to assess OpEx and CapEx […]

Annual Budget Review

The annual budget review of an agricultural project is undertaken through a specific, documented analysis, which we can update when it is considered to be wise and useful. This product can determine the success of a farming project. Having outstanding experience in supporting and evaluating business plans and farm budgets for all sorts and sizes of farming projects, we ensure key elements of the budget are integrated and that the timing is realistic to cope with the actual input needs during the crop seasons. Review and validation of budget structure. Review and update of cost assumptions for inputs and HR according to the growing season and crop calendars. Review of sales plan with target yields and selling prices. Review of the annual financial parameters including cash-flow requirements, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and financial loans.

Rapid Site Review and Scoring

The remote site review and scoring product offers an analysis and scoring of the agronomic potential for a defined land area. The scoring will reflect FGM’s advice on the suitability of a determined area for the possible development of any type of agricultural project. It is based on the project’s goals and the prevailing natural conditions. The possible constraints and obstacles to be considered for the project to succeed will be highlighted in our review, enabling the project manager/promoter to have a clear understanding of the situation before investing in further detailed studies or a land lease agreement. Our key competence covers a wide range of crop and livestock production. Scoring (0 to 10) and comments on each of the following parameters: Location in the country, Accessibility towards and from the site, Quality of the soil, Land occupation, Climate consistency for agricultural production, Water resources’ access and sustainability, Energy infrastructure […]

Land Occupation Mapping

Our land occupation-mapping product enables the identification of the best location to initiate a farming project within the target area selected by the client. It also allows us to size the potential development extent of the land. The remaining land is categorized as relevant, as challenging areas, occupied zones, areas to be reallocated or to be discarded. To perform this assignment, FGM International relies on its partnership with satellite operators such as Airbus Space and Defense, and its own expertise in land appraisal. Measuring the exact area of cultivable land is fundamental to be able to actually define the project’s size. It also provides the necessary data to undertake a prognosis of the land’s production potential and related revenues. An agricultural project relies on several factors, depending on the desired crop, such as land flatness, flood risk, rocky areas and so on. Equipped with a land occupation map, the project […]

Agricultural Country Note

A fair and independent evaluation of the agricultural sector in your country of interest. We identify, list, evaluate and confirm the particular characteristics and the advantages and/or disadvantages relevant to the target country, applicable to  the development of a specific agricultural project or value chain there. A complete review and analysis of the available information concerning the target country’s agricultural sector with a specific focus on: Local agriculture overview, Local farming models’ standards, Main crops and livestock, Environmental and climatic conditions, Marketing and distribution circuit structure, Soil conditions and classification, Political situation and country risk.

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