Business Plan Review

Our Business Plan review examines the key assumptions made in the specific agricultural project’s development business plan. We update and augment it as relevant. Since our team has outstanding experience in supporting and evaluating business plans in a broad range of farming projects, as well as in terms of agri-project management, it will ensure that all the main hypotheses and assumptions of the existing business plan are realistic and in line with the international standards for similar projects. We will also check that major assumptions made are optimal from a production-oriented point of view. Validation of key assumptions related to production mix, expected yields, production area, HR needs. Review of the CapEx plan, including reclamation, equipment, infrastructures and amortization. Review of the OpEx assumptions with crop and livestock husbandry plans and input costs. Economic analysis with comments on Sales, Gross margins, EBIDTA, net profit level and return on investment compared […]

Irrigation Design Review

The irrigation design review product involves an overall review of an existing irrigation design to confirm its adequacy/conformity in terms of international technical standards, using as comparative references FGM’s previous similar experiences and projects. Our core team is expert in facilitating projects involving complex water conveyance systems and has the essential knowledge and significant practice in the field of irrigation management. This review ensures that the irrigation system design is balanced according to the actual water needs of your targeted production, taking into account the natural environment (climate and water resources) as well as the future operational organization of the specific project. Review of water requirements estimates according to the needs of the planned crops and climatic conditions. Appraisal of the design criteria parameters and technical assumptions. Overall assessment of required specifications for equipment and material such as pipelines’ layout, canal design, storage dams. Objective analysis of pumping stations, including […]

Technical Due Diligence

Technical due diligence comprises a fair and independent analysis of all technical aspects of the targeted farming enterprise with the objective of assessing its viability and interest for acquisition or its capability of integrating third party existing ventures. FGM International implements a unique approach which has evolved from its extensive know-how in the practical management and development of agricultural projects. We provide it in order to assess the current technical and economic results of the target project. This process also aims to confirm the business plan’s feasibility in view of further project development in the future. Technical due diligence will reassure the stakeholders regarding the estimates of CapEx and OpEx requirements as well as the realism of the production scenarios. Review of the historical technical parameters of the targeted enterprise: natural resources and conditions, achieved yields and evolution, crop husbandry plans, available staff and organization. Evaluation of the available assets’ […]

Site Assessment

Our agricultural site assessment product provides the client with a review of the agronomic development and economic potential for a selected land area. Site assessment delivers a “go/no-go” recommendation in terms of development for any type of agricultural project. It is based on each project’s goals, the natural conditions and resources and the economic environment. All probable restrictions and/or obstacles to be considered will be highlighted to enable the project’s operator, promoter and/or investors to have a clear vision of the production capacities of the specific site, before investing in a more detailed study or land lease agreement. FGM International’s key competence covers a wide range of crops and livestock production. Agronomy: adaptability of the target crops or livestock production with the observed natural conditions, estimates of yield potential. Soil: overview of both the soil’s potential and the available land’s possibility for development within the available area. Climate: collection and […]

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