30.000 ha site assessment and feasibility study 
corn production for feedstuff industry

A local key player in poultry meat production is willing to integrate a part of the feedstuff production to alleviate its dependence towards international market costs. Therefore, he has engaged FGM International to analyze the potential production on pre-identified sites and to assess the opportunity to produce corn at a competitive price for his own needs.

Site assessment, 6500 ha irrigated grain project in Mauritania

In the frame of the Mauritanian policies aiming at reducing the dependence to agricultural imports, a consortium of Mauritanian investors intends to develop a large-scale wheat and vegetable production project to meet this demand. Considering FGM International’s experience in this sector, we were asked to evaluate all the parameters of the site.

Site assessment, medical cannabis production in Uganda

The client, specialized in industrial cannabis processing, intends to initiate and then integrate field-production to supply the required raw material for its cannabidiol (CBD) extraction. EXM Ceuticals mandated FGM International to supply the field-production and agri business expertise to assess the potential of the proposed production sites.

Rehabiliation of 10-pivots pilot farm in Sudan

INMAA for Poultry Production is a subsidiary of the Wadi Group, the leading Egyptian agribusiness. After four years of operation of its forage and grain production unit in Sudan, the company was facing major infrastructure problems due to corrosive water and required fair and experienced external technical support to rehabilitate and streamline the operations.

Feasibility Study, 10 000 ha of cassava for starch production in Nigeria

A private investment group from Nigeria is intending to develop a large-scale commercial cassava project to produce starch and derivatives. FGM has been assigned to assess all site parameters and design the future farm assets. 

Procurement support: castor oil, worldwide

A major global corporation which owns industrial plants on several continents, assigned FGM to propose a selection of countries suitable for the production of castor oil, a scarce and valuable resource, and to produce a detailed Action Plan to diversify, secure and increase the targeted oilseed supplies.

Assessment and prefeasibility: corn, sunflower, peanuts and potatoes in Chad

FGM’s client, a pioneer in the agricultural sector in Chad, wanted to develop a large-scale farm close to Lake Chad. FGM was selected for its know-how and expertise in the development of such projects in arid areas to provide the initial on-site assessment of the site potential in 2017 and relevant feasibility study with hydrogeological assessment.

Site assessment: 10 000 ha for 
soybeans, wheat and corn production in Zambia

Despite being impossible to access by car,  especially during the rainy season, our experts managed to go on-site  to assess its natural conditions. In less than one month, we provided the client with a pre-feasibility report including an FGM’s analysis of his land assets.

Technical due diligence, design and Business Planning for organic orchard in France

GreenPods, a new generation agriculture startup, was conceived to introduce the production of high-value organic nuts to and in Europe. It has identified a potential farm in the South of France and required a consultancy firm with relevant experience to assess the potential of the project and its conversion into organic farming with almonds and large-scale irrigated crops.

Pre-feasibility study
 for medical-grade corn production in Ghana

The client is a major Ghanaian pharmaceutical manufacturing entity. The company has its own manufacturing and laboratory centre. Following a vertical integration policy, the company intends to produce medical-grade corn for starch and requires international support to perform a pre-feasibility study on a targeted site of 1 000 ha.

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