Technical assistance, 
large-scale field crop project in Siberia

A Russian company in joint venture with a European company has invested in a project to rehabilitate a former cooperative farm in Transbaïkal with the aim of developing 23.000 hectares for large scale grain production, over five sites. FGM International has been contracted to provide assistance in the development of the farm, rehabilitation advice, and operation monitoring.

Field trials: castor bean crop development in Brazil

Regardless of the high value of castor bean oil on the international market, due to its chemical properties, this crop remains a niche production and does not make the object of thorough agronomic studies. With the intent of increasing its procurement, a large international player, has commissioned FGM International to support the value chain development. 

In-field and remote operational support in Siberia

FGM International was contracted by a Russian agricultural company to provide technical assistance for the rehabilitation of an abandoned grain and cereal farm. The client also required assistance to design its expansion from 1 200 ha to reach 25 000 ha within two years.

Project development and management: 3 150 ha intensive alfalfa production in Sudan

The GLB project is owned by Lebanese and Sudanese investors. In 2011, 87 200 ha of land in Nile River State, Sudan, was granted to the investors by the government. The project aimed at securing significant and sustainable financial returns. However, the investors lacked agronomic capacity and required the involvement of an international farming company to start up the project.

Technical assistance for large-scale production farming in Siberia

FGM International was appointed by a major Siberian holding to strengthen the development of its agricultural department. The assignment had three main goals: audit and technical assistance for a large-scale farm of 30 000 ha producing grain, oilseed and forage, situational analysis of business opportunities for fertilizer marketing and development of a 7 000 ha model farm.

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