Farm+ offers technology solutions for large-scale farming operators and investors to manage their enterprise up to precision agriculture standards.

Farm+ provides topographic support and mapping to deliver optimum project design. For on-going operations, Farm+ proposes management tools for monitoring soil moisture, spectral analysis of growing crops and farm management software.

This combination of solutions feeds farm teams with precise data for smarter decision-taking.


Running and expanding a Large-Scale Farming project requires thorough crop husbandry knowledge, comprehensive environmental awareness and accurate financial and operational management.

Using state-of-the-art drone technology, disruptive soil moisture monitoring solutions and farming focused software, Farm+ provides management teams with essential information.

Our services are improving reactivity, widening the vision of the farm operations and enhancing the financial performances. Relying on these premium resources, farm managers and project leaders will handle the Farm+ tools to make better decisions and achieve substantial savings.


Leaf area index
Quick operation
Agronomic support


Full snapshot of all assets
Elevation models
GIS-ready outputs


Real-time measurement
Non-intrusive root monitoring
Flexible telemetry solutions


Field operation tracking
Simple inventory management
Integrated sales & accounting


Crops monitoring on large-scale farm is a complex and time-consuming exercise, particularly in warm arid conditions where crops can change drastically in 24 hours. Farm+ solution allows reducing scouting time while providing a fine-tuned map for large areas within hours. Agronomists can spot critical issues or crop stress and then direct ground teams to react in time.

With the multi-spectral sensors operated by Farm+, biomass is monitored accurately helping the farm management team to optimize fertilizer applications.

State-of-the-art drone service allows crop surveillance with:

  • Production of leaf area index maps
  • Fertilization optimization according to measure of biomass
  • Calculation of actual cropped area
  • Variable rate application and irrigation tuning
  • Support for IPM and weed control detection of crop density loss and plant stress
  • Irrigation efficiency monitoring (nozzle blockage, wind drift, hardware dysfunction)


Today, real-time data on soil moisture and water availability in the soil is critical for large-scale farms. Irrigation water is often the highest operating cost on a farm. Therefore accurate data allow the farm management to design ideal irrigation schedules for each field. At Farm+, we can provide a reliable solution to this end with our capacitive probes.

Depending on soil types and cultivated crops, Farm+ will help clients to choose the right probe from 20 to 120 cm deep that embed up to 8 moisture sensors. Our standard telemetry system is designed to minimize the usage of a cellular network. Every installed probe behaves as a node to extend the communication range of the full system. Unlike the usual telemetry system, a single Farm+ cellular gateway can connect up to ten probes across hundreds of hectares.

Farm+ probes key features:

  • Inter-operable communication system to interact with any facility (weather station, pivot control center, etc.)
  • Wireless mesh allowing probe-to-probe connexion and minimize cellular use
  • Adaptable and strong design


Farm+ topographic method is invaluable. Operating a fixed-wing, Farm+ drone can survey 1,000 hectares per day in a variety of conditions. Integrated advanced camera equipment provides detailed topographic surveys which include contour lines, elevation and terrain models.

Our company provides clients with several layers of information for GIS purpose according toactual needs. In addition, it delivers a comprehensive overview of the site layout with particular emphasis on land use, infrastructure and soil occupation. Once data are processed, key information is made available for the feasibility study and the project improvement decisions. Integrating various data such as GPS tracks, on-site survey or other maps is made possible.

Farm+ process geographic information systems to farm owners and managers:

  • Custom site map with visual and topographic data
  • Appropriate support to plot the optimum farm configuration
  • Data analysis and reporting: network length, area calculation, and other required data


Combining the various farming data to produce a pertinent dashboard for farm operations is both highly challenging and extremely beneficial to the farm management team. Including assets management to track economic impact of specific production or typical crop husbandry is our added value.

This integrated IT solution is dedicated to handle every type of farming system incoportating inputs, monitoring growth stages, irrigation and stock. The reporting output includes a financial model with production ratios and crop profitability helping to fine tune sales pricing. Designed as a cloud-based solution, it can also operate as a local solution in harsh conditions.