Annual Budget Review


The annual budget review of an agricultural project is undertaken through a specific, documented analysis, which we can update when it is considered to be wise and useful. This product can determine the success of a farming project.

Having outstanding experience in supporting and evaluating business plans and farm budgets for all sorts and sizes of farming projects, we ensure key elements of the budget are integrated and that the timing is realistic to cope with the actual input needs during the crop seasons.

  • Review and validation of budget structure.
  • Review and update of cost assumptions for inputs and HR according to the growing season and crop calendars.
  • Review of sales plan with target yields and selling prices.
  • Review of the annual financial parameters including cash-flow requirements, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and financial loans.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Annual budget,
  • Company production plan strategy.


We provide you with a valuable updated annual budget report, including the revised assumptions and specific recommendations according to the current farm situation within 7 working days from receipt of the order.

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