Carbon Footprint Assessment


FGM’s carbon footprint assessment calculates the comprehensive greenhouse gases’ (GHG) emission for a given farming project and provides the client with an extensive study and advice concerning its the control of emissions.

Following the Paris Climate Conference (COP21), back in 2015, over 150 countries have signed an international climate agreement to hold the global warming below 2°C. Since then, an increasing number of institutions and private groups are investing to reduce global emissions.

With an assessment report of your carbon footprint, you will be able to:

  • Measure the environmental performance of your agricultural project and thus forecast the project’s “carbon budget”,
  • Adapt your management strategy to improve your farm’s environmental performance,
  • Track and measure improvement over time, which will enable you to disclose a better carbon impact as a marketing advantage,
  • Fulfill environmentally friendly or ethic certification to enter new markets according to your strategy.

FGM international focuses on the following

  • Calculation of sequestered carbon, including carbon storage according to climate, type of soil, cultivation practices (cover crops, agroforestry, etc.), crop yield, as well as the management of crop residues,
  • Calculation of emitted carbon, including activity impact (tillage, land clearing, etc.), used inputs and phytosanitary products, irrigation, energies utilized and transport details of consumables and finished products,
  • Annual crop carbon footprint, equivalent CO2 including all GHG gases, in tonne/ha and tonne/year.
  • Advice for carbon footprint improvement methodologies.

Prerequisites to deliver the product


FGM delivers a comprehensive carbon footprint report highlighting GHG emissions per tonne of crop produced and per hectare (including carbon, methane and nitrogen dioxide) together with improvement recommendations within 2 working days from receipt of the order.

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