Energy Mix Appraisal


Our energy mix appraisal product provides the client with a comprehensive study of the energy performance of the full range of electricity generation technologies.

Our team of experts will perform an extensive study of your project’s current energy performance (for an existing project) or determine the best energy mix for a new project. Starting  from  the  available  energy  resources  in  the  project  area,  the  objective  is  to compare the full range of energy production technologies (grid, fossil and renewable), integrating criteria such as life cycle and constraints during operations. Also included are the various costs and returns on investment to determine the most appropriate mix of energies to be used, to optimize your OpEx and CapEx expenditures.

  • Calculation of all energy requirements, including seasonal variation, for the project in question.
  • Review of energy generation solutions according to site location and available infrastructure.
  • Contact with suppliers to assess OpEx and CapEx for the chosen energy generation solutions.
  • Determination of the best operation mix and estimates of CapEx/OpEx.
  • Estimates of price per kW generated and energy cost estimates for a 1-year operation.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Project design,
  • Equipment specifications,
  • Company strategy.


We deliver a thoroughgoing energy mix report with all our selected options, CapEx and OpEx estimates, the final energy price and an annual cost. The client receives our appraisal within 15 working days from receipt of the order.

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