Hotline Operational Support


Hotline operational support provides remote assistance to agricultural landowners or their technical team, through a dedicated hotline, giving support on a day-to-day basis for their farming activities.

Through the use of the Hotline FGM International has adapted the delivery of its technical knowledge and the implementation of its extensive farming experience, to help farm businesses solve unusual problems that might occur during their routine operations.

  • Crop husbandry plans: detailed review and adjustment of the inputs’ list and activities, as well as planning per crop.
  • Maintenance planning: preventive maintenance plan and organization concerning farming equipment, organization of the workshop.
  • Warehouse stock management: assistance for the organization of an inputs’ warehousing plan and procedures.
  • Collection and analysis of on-site observations made by the client’s local team.
  • Advisory guidance of the operations and continuous follow-up of the activities.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

We proceed to a remote conference to identify the actual requirements and gather essential strategic and agronomic information about the project.


We deliver a series of tools for the time period sought by the client. These tools include:

  • Weekly management call providing the client with updates on the progress of activities and further recommendations to be actioned,
  • Recommendations on the timing of field activities and adjustment of agronomic practices according to the crop’s state, identified issues and climatic conditions.

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