Irrigation Design Review


The irrigation design review product involves an overall review of an existing irrigation design to confirm its adequacy/conformity in terms of international technical standards, using as comparative references FGM’s previous similar experiences and projects.

Our core team is expert in facilitating projects involving complex water conveyance systems and has the essential knowledge and significant practice in the field of irrigation management. This review ensures that the irrigation system design is balanced according to the actual water needs of your targeted production, taking into account the natural environment (climate and water resources) as well as the future operational organization of the specific project.

  • Review of water requirements estimates according to the needs of the planned crops and climatic conditions.
  • Appraisal of the design criteria parameters and technical assumptions.
  • Overall assessment of required specifications for equipment and material such as pipelines’ layout, canal design, storage dams.
  • Objective analysis of pumping stations, including materials and site selection.
  • Identification of potential issues and project development impediments.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Existing irrigation design,
  • Any other relevant information about the project, such as water resources survey, crop plan, weather data and soil map.


We deliver a technical note including exhaustive and in-depth comments on the suitability of the foreseen irrigation system and recommendations. The client receives this within 7 working days after reception of the order.

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