Job Description Profiling

Human Resources

A proper job description profile facilitates the recruitment, the development and the performance’s follow-up of your human resources. It applies to farm managers, middle managers and employees.
FGM International has been invested with multiple mandates to implement agricultural projects including the selection and recruitment of a farm’s staff, ranging from key-managers to field operators. Our job descriptions are prepared so as to be practical and field oriented. The job description is an added value to the payroll scheme as it is also an essential tool to enable sustained integrated management of human resources in terms of performance’s follow-up, support and career development.

  • Job requirements: educational qualifications, experience and specific competences,
  • Job details and position within the organization,
  • Reporting line,
  • General summary and presentation,
  • Detailed main responsibilities and tasks,
  • Key performance indicators.

Prerequisites to deliver the product


We produce and provide the client with a standard format of an accurate job description including all specific details for the required profile, as well as, a presentation of the potential career opportunities, within 2 working days from receipt of the order.

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