Maintenance Procedures Guidelines


Our maintenance procedures guidelines aggregate a set of best practices to keep your farming equipment operative in terms of day-to-day farming activities.

Agricultural “time windows” may be very narrow due to climatic challenges or complex multi-crop rotation plans. Also, potential equipment shortage of failure might affect the quantity and the quality of the production and inexorably lead to both yield and financial losses.

FGM International is recognized for its good management practices, including the day-to-day and after-season maintenance procedure of vital equipment. Our preemptive maintenance philosophy is reflected in our maintenance procedure guidelines, in which we indicate the best time to perform necessary maintenance, in line with production requirements. These guidelines come with a list of key tools and equipment required for maintenance purposes.

  • Maintenance principles and overall management organization.
  • Day-to-day maintenance tasks.
  • Optimal season’s maintenance before and after the cropping season.
  • Overall workshop and mobile workshop organization.

Prerequisites to deliver the product


We design and deliver a tailored maintenance procedure set of guidelines, stressing the best practices and schedule, to optimize the lifespan of your equipment, within 2 working days from receipt of the order.

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