Multiple-crop Rotation Plan


The crop rotation plan organizes different types of crops sequenced in the same geographical area to maximize overall yield, profit and results whilst benefiting from the agronomic advantages of the various crop types.

The crop rotation plan delivered by FGM optimizes the sequencing of crops produced in the various fields over the years. The rotation of multiple crops is recommended to maintain or develop the organic matter content of the soil, improve its fertility and structure while enhancing control of insects, weeds, diseases and erosion. Amongst the many technical benefits of this plan, we underline the fact that it can reduce production costs and increase the profit margin per crop.

The multiple-crop rotation methodology may be associated with crop husbandry plans to further optimize the production potential.

  • Detailed crop scenario including comparison between different possibilities according to the project’s objective and the expected yield.
  • Tailored estimation of input requirements.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Target crops,
  • Company strategy.


We design a multiple crop rotation plan, which comes with a 1-year farm scenario comparing the various crop scenarios considered. We deliver it within 7 working days.

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