OpEx and Sales Estimates


The OpEx and Sales Estimates is an additional product to the crop husbandry plans product. It determines the operational costs of production and the related income according to the production potential.

The OpEx and Sales Estimates include the list of required inputs (seeds, fertilizers and chemicals) and energy; e.g. fuel, electricity, with related quantities, updated unit prices and total cost. The Sale Estimates are based on realistic yield forecasts adjusted to take into account the site’s soil, water and climate potential, together with updated local and export market prices.

An included gross margin matrix, forecasts possible variations according to any possible change in the main cost drivers; i.e. energy and selling prices enabling you to mitigate operational risk. This product can be immediately integrated into an overall Business Plan revision or used to confirm its technical and economic assumptions.

Our team will deliver the following key figures :

  • List of variable costs (seeds, fertilizers, chemicals and energy),
  • Yield and sale price forecast,
  • Gross margin

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Land location,
  • Target production.


We deliver an editable Excel spreadsheet including all factors relevant to the assignment. The final document is delivered within 5 days after the receipt of the order.

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