Organizational Chart and Management Procedures

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The organizational chart is the schematic structure of the farm management. Associated management procedures are highlighted with guidelines.

Operational departments, staff positions in each and interconnection between these, are presented in a schematic way along with their descriptions. This product aims at setting-up the optimal management system and reporting lines for the given project. FGM delivers a custom chart. Innovative management procedures are developed by FGM International to achieve better production results. Content and periodicity of management and technical meeting are highlighted for an optimal control of operations and reporting.

  • Chart with relation between each department, staff and link with the top management line,
  • Description of each department’s role and relationhip,
  • Management tool(s) recommendations,
  • Management’s meeting and reporting guidelines.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Project strategy.


We provide our client with the final organizational chart and guidelines within 6 days after the receipt of the order.

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