Organizational Chart Design

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The organizational chart delivered by FGM International is the schematic structure of the farm management with operational departments, staff positions in each and interdepartmental relations.

The management structure aims at setting up an efficient system and reporting lines to enable optimal field operation division. FGM has led the development of an innovative management structure in many outstanding projects that facilitated the agricultural production to achieve excellent results. This chart is useful both internally to plan and illustrate the management structure within the team; e.g. for new staff, and externally, to assist third party in identifying the proper position/contact person for relevant communications. The organizational chart supplements the payroll scheme to cover the major elements of the human resources aspect.

  • Chart showing the relationship between each department, staff and link with the top management,
  • Description of each department’s role and competences, as well as, and their interrelationship.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Land location,
  • Project strategy.


We provide our client with both the final organizational chart and a specific technical note within 5 days after the receipt of the order.

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