Overall Project Master Plan


The overall project master plan comprises an exhaustive analysis of the entire set of feasibility studies; these usually cover the layout of the farm, including fields, camp and special infrastructure location, access roads as well as, the general irrigation network.

According to the available studies; e.g. soil surveys, land occupation map or topography as well as, the project’s detailed strategies, FGM International optimizes the land use for the given production area. It is not a standard design, “one size fits all” project master plan but it considers in a custom way, all of your project’s unique parameters to optimize every square meter of cultivated soil according to its potential.

Our master plan’s added value is the fact that it is developed focusing on the maximization of production through careful attention to the detail of every individual field, as well as, farm assets, project team skills, knowledge etc. Our team will integrate actual topography, soil structure and current land-use to apportion the complete area according to the ease of development. This strategy enables the identification of the easiest and most cost-effective land to commence project development, to progress the project team’s learning curve and to start generating profits before scaling up into challenging areas. The overall project master plan can be completed with a camp layout to cover all aspects of the project’s land organization.
  • Location of the fields and specifications,
  • Overall irrigation network for water conveyance,
  • Farm road network,
  • Energy distribution,
  • Camp location,
  • Fences and access security,
  • Specific support infrastructure location,
  • Development phasing.

Prerequisites to deliver the product


We produce the overall project master plan blueprint with a technical note presenting the development phasing, related assumptions taken into consideration and specific recommendations. The master plan is delivered to the client within 15 working days from receipt of the order.

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