Training Needs Analysis

Human Resources

Needs analysis is an important component and often the first step for the planning, implementation and evaluating of an agricultural project’s performance. By identifying the stakeholders and their needs, outcomes and activities can be tailored to suit.

FGM International usually deals with staff and/or managers with performance improvement needs, in the frame of the projects we undertake. Given the growing rate of technological advance and development throughout the world, the necessity of assessing, adapting and enhancing performances couldn’t abstain itself from the agricultural field.

Identifying performance improvement needs and then addressing them is one of the best ways to improve profitability. A PINA is a systematic combination of three basic processes:

  1. Performance Analysis:
    • Analysis of the performance levels required for the various project position holders to perform optimally in terms of productivity.
    • Assessment of the team’s current performance levels.
    • Identification of any performance gap between above mentionned point that needs to be bridged to raise the team members’ levels up to peak delivery.
  2. Cause Identification: identifies specific factors that contribute to a performance gap in order to eliminate them.  Examples of causes are lack of information, leadership, incentives, resources, motivation, skills and knowledge.
  3. Solution Selection and Design is a systematic, integrated response to any performance problems and their causes and also to performance enhancement. Often the response will be a combination of interventions; e.g., changing organizational design, providing better leadership, supplying job aids, enhancing information flow and communications, team building, training and/or coaching.


  • Performance Improvement Needs Analysis (PINA) Report including any identified performance issues and improvement opportunities,
  • Optionnal Performance Improvement Action Programme for your project, detailing personnel, activities, timings, costs and expected results.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

We provide our client with the Performance Improvement Needs Assessment within 10 working days of the order. The optional Performance Improvement Action Schedule delivery is discussed and agreed with the client according to the PINA findings and recommendations.


  • Personnel records detailing qualifications, experience and managers’ comments,
  • Project strategy.

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