Rapid Site Review and Scoring


The remote site review and scoring product offers an analysis and scoring of the agronomic potential for a defined land area.

The scoring will reflect FGM’s advice on the suitability of a determined area for the possible development of any type of agricultural project. It is based on the project’s goals and the prevailing natural conditions. The possible constraints and obstacles to be considered for the project to succeed will be highlighted in our review, enabling the project manager/promoter to have a clear understanding of the situation before investing in further detailed studies or a land lease agreement. Our key competence covers a wide range of crop and livestock production.

Scoring (0 to 10) and comments on each of the following parameters:

  • Location in the country,
  • Accessibility towards and from the site,
  • Quality of the soil,
  • Land occupation,
  • Climate consistency for agricultural production,
  • Water resources’ access and sustainability,
  • Energy infrastructure availability,
  • Availability of and access to human resources,
  • Support function access,
  • Security,
  • Economic situation,
  • Political framework.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Land location
  • Company strategy
  • Any other relevant information about the project


We deliver a score table accompanied by comments about the agronomic potential of the land reviewed by us, in 5 working days from receipt of the order.

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