Review of Water Resource Survey


The water survey is an overall review of our client’s existing water resource survey to confirm its adequacy compared with international technical standards, using as reference FGM’s previous experience obtained in similar conditions.

Water resources are a key success factor for any irrigated agricultural project. These guarantee the irrigation potential of your project and may contribute towards estimating the major part of the project’s initial CapEx and OpEx requirements. Thus, having a robust and accurate hydrological or hydrogeological survey, is critical to secure such investments and mitigate a project’s development risks.

Assessing water resources, either from a canal, rivers of deep wells, relies on multiple parameters such as testing wells, bibliographic data and on-site appraisal of the allocated land. It should take into account the water availability, its quality and the water rights. The overall review should indicate whether the water metrics fit the specific crop requirements in terms of both quantity and quality according to the local climate and soil.

FGM International is continuously involved in several irrigated projects around the world and has had a leading competence in irrigation since its early inception. Our team will review the technical details of the study and its relevance to the target crops. The delivered technical note will highlight key parameters and related recommendations.

  • Review of provided surveys: bibliographic analysis, water quantity, flow, water rights, mathematical modeling as available,
  • Review of the conditions and comparison with similar projects or crop data sheets,
  • Review of the adequacy of water availability compared with crop needs.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Water studies,
  • Project strategy.


We produce a technical note with an overall mark of the provided water surveys’ quality, the long-term adequacy of the water resources for the target production as well as, specific recommendations. Our review is provided to the client within 7 working days after its commencement.

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