Review of Soil Surveys


The thorough review of an existing soil survey aims at confirming its accuracy, adequacy and consistency as well as verifying the soil’s adequacy for the planned crop with technical standards according to FGM’s experience in similar conditions.

The FGM International core team has successfully conducted a multitude of projects in many challenging environments, ranging from sand-desert areas to Siberian plains. From this experience we consider the soil as the key asset of crop production.

A project’s soil structure might very well determine the production option and its quantity and quality. Thus, the accuracy of a soil study is a fundamental prerequisite to avoid incorrect development of the cropping area. Our considerable farming knowledge, including soil understanding, enables us to provide a fair appraisal of the available soil study’s quality before the client invests more CapEx into developing the project.

  • Assessment of the adequacy of sampling density according to project requirement and potential soil nature,
  • Review of physical and chemical parameters such as soil texture, pH, salinity or infiltration rates,
  • Review of available soils maps.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Project strategy,
  • Existing soil study.


We evaluate the global quality of the provided soil survey and deliver a technical note according to our observations and recommendations within 4 working days from the receipt of the order.

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