Site Assessment

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Our agricultural site assessment product provides the client with a review of the agronomic development and economic potential for a selected land area.

Site assessment delivers a “go/no-go” recommendation in terms of development for any type of agricultural project. It is based on each project’s goals, the natural conditions and resources and the economic environment. All probable restrictions and/or obstacles to be considered will be highlighted to enable the project’s operator, promoter and/or investors to have a clear vision of the production capacities of the specific site, before investing in a more detailed study or land lease agreement. FGM International’s key competence covers a wide range of crops and livestock production.

  • Agronomy: adaptability of the target crops or livestock production with the observed natural conditions, estimates of yield potential.
  • Soil: overview of both the soil’s potential and the available land’s possibility for development within the available area.
  • Climate: collection and analysis of key climatic data.
  • Water: assessment of water requirements and availability.
  • Access: overview of the site’s location and its accessibility. We examine the existing interconnectivity from/towards the site, transportation networks and commercial centers. This is crucial in view of facilitating the access to equipement and input as well as the future distribution of the farm products. It should not be omitted when selecting the area to be developed.
  • HR: evaluation of the potential availability of local human resources for the particular project.
  • Community: outlook for the integration of  local populations  within  the  project development.
Organic farming

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Land location,
  • Project strategy.


We write-up a technical note including all our relevant findings, our “go/no-go” statement, as well as our key recommendations, within 10 working days after receipt of order.

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