Staff List & Payroll Plan

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The Staff List and Payroll Plan is a document calibrated on your project’s goals to highlight team requirements, as well as any necessary scale-up and payroll with incentives.

The Staff List is necessary to enhance your payroll’s optimization according to the size of your operations and also to determine the cost of each operational department. The adequate sizing of the team and its payroll will prevent needless OpEx for permanent staff whilst ensuring adequate human resources during peak periods. Drawing on our considerable international experience, we provide a payroll scheme adapted to local standards and taking into account the specific job competences required by your project. A bespoke incentive scheme is designed according to your farming model to encourage long-term staff commitment.

  • Detailed list of required staff including job title and allocation for each department,
  • Payroll scheme with salary range per position,
  • Description of specific incentive system according to production and seasonality,
  • Staff ratio per productive area,
  • Overall annual staff cost for financial forecasts.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Project strategy,
  • Organization chart when available.


We deliver an Excel spreadsheet including a list of staff, numbers and payroll per position as well as an integrated incentive calculator. The final document is delivered within 7 days after the receipt of the order.

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