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Counting 30+ years of experience in all sorts of agricultural projects around the globe, our skills, know-how and expertise in terms of production type, size, scheme, climate, type of soil, investment, political constraints etc. have grown exponentially. We are aware that this is our real capital, as well as, main added-value compared to the vast majority of agriconsulting firms out there. In this section we will present you some of the most challenging projects undertaken by our team of experts. We hope that this section might help both farm managers and investors willing to invest in an agricultural project perceiving their assets’ potential, but also discovering that FGM International is the adequate partner to assist them in that task.

Through our references’ sheets, you will find out that we always follow and apply a robust and agile methodology, that we are particularly good at finding solutions to complex cases, and last, but not least, that we have a wide variety of competencies. When selecting the references we want to display in this section, we also keep in mind that every project has its very own design and implementation solution, meaning that we encourage you to communicate us your project’s needs, in order to elaborate a custom plan for it.

We also welcome people wishing to develop some diversified, novelty or niche production to contact us to find out more about our innovative agriculture processes and services.

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Clients testimonials

GLB, Sudan

“FGM International established the first crop at GLB in 2013; their expertise in crop management was key to the success of the farm. Professional personnel from FGM helped GLB in all aspects in the farm where they integrated very well with our teams. As a farm manager, I was certainly grateful to FGM for the extensive support at the early stages of GLB.” Tarig Kheir, Head of Development  

Bousteila, Algeria

"The FGM International team has a remarkable in-field farming experience applicable to any kind of geographical environment. Their excellent communication and cooperation -not to forget the transmission of experience- between senior and younger experts is one of their strengths. They are keen on always learning more, really do listen to their clients and adapt their personal experience to local constraints or requirements. They are very responsible and optimize processes and costs." Mohamed Ghezali, CFO

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