30.000 ha site assessment and feasibility study 
corn production for feedstuff industry

A local key player in poultry meat production is willing to integrate a part of the feedstuff production to alleviate its dependence towards international market costs. Therefore, he has engaged FGM International to analyze the potential production on pre-identified sites and to assess the opportunity to produce corn at a competitive price for his own needs.

The challenge

According to the regulation in force in the Philippines, securing land for large-scale agricultural project is very challenging. In addition, local conditions are usually not suitable for mechanization, requiring very specific adaptation to reach an efficient point on integration of the feedstuff production.

FGM results

Despite having had to discard a very essential part of the pre-identified area, FGM International was able to develop the options to reach profitability with an innovative project combining integrated production together with out-growing opportunities.

On-Site assessment

The thorough study of the pre-identified sites in Asia has shown that the area is very uneven, not suitable to mechanized agriculture and prone to landslide if cleared. Therefore, additional options were assessed with the client to secure sufficient land for corn cropping. Assessment as covered:

  • Site environment and access with available infrastructures assessment for each site,
  • On-site appraisal of natural parameters related to soil and weather,
  • Topographic review of the site,
  • Evaluation of agronomic potential of the selected area for the project,
  • Interview of land owner, surrounding agricultural manager and potential contracts,
  • Delivery of a project option report to present the key findings to the client and all potential viable types of project development.
site assessment and Feasibility Study
Corn production for feedstuff industry

Site assessment and feasibility Study – 
Corn production for feedstuff industry

Feasibility study

  • Design of the complete process with technologies and means of production,
  • Detail of all inputs necessary for the project, both in terms of quantity and quality,
  • Detail of the staff organization and activities within the production process,
  • Cropping program and rotation, with all attached practices and equipment used,
  • Phasing of the project and development plan adapted to the available resources and risks encountered in the project,
  • Design of contractual options to be implemented with outgrows,
  • Evaluation of the investment and production costs, as well as economic performance,
  • Calculation of relevant financial ratios and variables to characterize the project.

site assessment and Feasibility Study
Corn production for feedstuff industry



Number of experts

5 experts




30000 ha



Assigned competencies

  • Agro-economist
  • Agronomists
  • GIS expert
  • Farm development expert

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