Procurement support: castor oil, worldwide

A major global corporation which owns industrial plants on several continents, assigned FGM to propose a selection of countries suitable for the production of castor oil, a scarce and valuable resource, and to produce a detailed Action Plan to diversify, secure and increase the targeted oilseed supplies.

The challenge

The client is planning to increase significantly its capacity and is willing to secure its sources of supply. FGM had to propose a selection of countries and a detailed action plan to diversify, secure and increase the supplies.

FGM results

In less than 12 months, FGM delivered a priority country suitable for the development of the commodity and costed action plans to secure the additional supply within the limited timeframe set by the client. FGM has the provided continuous support until 2021.

Preliminary review

FGM optimized the performance of its mandate by identifying best potential place to produce or develop castor bean production :

  • Screening of countries able to launch or develop this oil crop,
  • Identification of potential large-scale project to integrate the target production,
  • Shortlist of best countries with detailed fact sheets,
  • Creation of a scoring matrix to rank the candidate countries,
  • Presentation and final selection of priority countries with the client.


Castor bean flower

Castor bean flower

On-site assessment and reporting

  • Investigation missions in all priority countries to confirm the results of desk studies,
  • Analyze of strengths and weaknesses of the value chain in each country: production area, current & potential actors,
  • Identification of major bottlenecks to overcome (production, processing, supply, logistics, storage or agricultural equipment).
  • Macro and microeconomic analysis of the value chain to determinate the possible price for the client’ supplies,
  • Determination of requirements for development,
  • Costing of development actions and possible CapEx,
  • Presentation of the results and consolidation of the action plan according to the client’ strategy for validation with steering committee and executive comity of the corporate of the overall action plan.

Action plan design

Design of the action plan according to the specificities of identified targets for annual performance review.

Provided services in the frame of this project

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Number of experts

6 experts




1 Year


50000 ha



Assigned competencies

  • Agro-economists
  • Agronomists
  • Project Managers
  • GIS Expert

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