Feasibility Study, 10 000 ha of cassava for starch production in Nigeria

A private investment group from Nigeria is intending to develop a large-scale commercial cassava project to produce starch and derivatives. FGM has been assigned to assess all site parameters and design the future farm assets. 

The challenge

While cassava is a major market worldwide, industrial cultivation is still at its early development stage. FGM had to identify the most advanced engineering and operational solutions to mechanize cassava production on a large-scale in a challenging location. 

FGM results

FGM designed a 10 000 ha project with the integration of the local population through an out-growers scheme. The team  identified high-standard farming equipment for the mechanization of the cassava production. The Business Plan was tuned to enable a quick return on investment for the client.

Project and site assessment

  • General review of the site situation including access roads, available infrastructure and potential investment to improve the site access, 
  • Site investigation according to topography and soil conditions, 
  • Overall land occupation analysis and mapping, 
  • Evaluation of agronomic potential according to expected soil constraints, 
  • Collection of additional agronomic, climatic and economic figures for evaluating production cost, 
  • Design of critical path for development, 
  • Assessment of the productivity potential of the selected crop, determination of the total area to be cultivated, 
  • Evaluation of main development’s options and investment advice.
Assessment of soil potential for cassava production

Assessment of soil potential for cassava production

Farm design

  • Infrastructure design: general layout with camp, roads and fields access, 
  • Management structure: detailed farm organizational chart, 
  • Human resources: definition of the project requirements (managers and operators), identification process and selection recommendations, 
  • Training: assessment of training programs to be proposed by FGM to the client. 
  • Company assets: detailed equipment list and specification for cassava production, including required spare parts, workshop requirements and relevant infrastructure, 
  • Cropping program: field map, schedule of cultivation, fertilization program according to soil potential and expected yield, provision of chemicals program, 
  • Crop inputs: advice for procuring farm inputs according to technical packages. 
  • Development schedule: outline final project milestones and of the development activities.

Provided services in the frame of this project



Number of experts

3 experts




6 Months


10000 ha


Haske & Williams Ltd.

Assigned competencies

  • Senior Large-Scale Farm Development Expert
  • Agro-economist
  • Project Design Expert

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