Feasibility study and farm design for an irrigated paddy rice project in Nigeria

A private investment group from Nigeria is intending to develop a large-scale commercial irrigated project for paddy rice production for the local market. FGM was assigned to assess site parameters, confirm feasibility of the project and develop overall detailed design of the flood irrigation scheme.

The challenge

The selected 5 000 ha land is a flat plain in a remote area and subject to seasonal floods. FGM had to assess all factors to confirm feasibility of the investment and design a solution adapted to alleviate natural risks, protect farm assets and the local population.

FGM results

FGM developed a 1 000 ha area design integrating the use of natural floods with specific features to ensure the plan’s economic viability. FGM’s output gave the investment group a key report to facilitate its fundraising.

Site assessment

Evaluation of the site’s potential and farming area to be developed, water resources and soil conditions, based on a thorough site investigation and collected hydrological /agronomic data.

Project feasibility

  • Review of project history, analysis of soil potential and infiltration rate, inspection of access to the river for water supply, assessment of possible crop rotation and yield according to expected soil constraints, 
  • Evaluation and selection of the most appropriate irrigation method, overall technical irrigation specifications and location also enabling equipment supplier to provide detailed quotations,
  • Farm design including field locations, civil work plan with roads and field access according to selected location of farm camp, 
  • Creation of the farm organizational chart, formation and organization of farm divisions,
  • Identification of technical needs and staff for operating the farm for each phase, 
  • List of agricultural equipment based on intended crop production plan, amount of spare parts to be available on site, proposal for infrastructure design and location, 
  • Field map, design of the schedule of cultivation, fertilization program according to soil potential and expected yield, provision of herbicide program, 
  • Advice for procuring farm inputs according to technical packages: type and quantity of fertilizers, micronutrients and chemicals to be used. 
  • Evaluation of investment cost per development phase, development of the Business Plan including projected operations profit for 5 years.
In-fiel rice crop review

In-field review of local rice production

Overall and detailed design

  • Comprehensive farm engineering including design of a 1 000 ha irrigated scheme incorporating pumping stations, canals and channels, roads, infrastructure. 
  • Costing, Business Plan and financial modeling for fund raising. 

Activities performed at client’s HQ

  • Collection of additional technical data: hydrological, agronomic, climatic, 
  • Validation of design options further to site evaluation, 
  • Review of required farm investments,
  • Final presentation of the feasibility study to the board.

Provided services in the frame of this project

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Number of experts

5 experts




1 Year


5000 ha


Haske & Williams Ltd.

Assigned competencies

  • Senior Large-Scale Farm Development Expert
  • Large-Scale Farm Design Expert
  • Rice Cultivation Expert
  • Senior Hydrology Engineer
  • Business Plan and Economics Analyst

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