Pre-feasibility study
 for medical-grade corn production in Ghana

The client is a major Ghanaian pharmaceutical manufacturing entity. The company has its own manufacturing and laboratory centre. Following a vertical integration policy, the company intends to produce medical-grade corn for starch and requires international support to perform a pre-feasibility study on a targeted site of 1 000 ha.

The challenge

The client is specialized in the pharmaceutical industry and has no in-house agronomic capacity. The selected site is far away from the transformation unit and the client requires a comprehensive review of its agronomic and economics strategies.

FGM results

In less than two months the client was provided with the pre-feasibility study including an updated Business Plan, relying on realistic agronomic yields, income assumptions and an achievable investment plan.

Site assessment preparation

FGM optimized the site assessment by preparing the investigation prior to going on site with:

  • Topographic study of the selected area with remote-sensing solutions,
  • Collection and analysis of available studies, project data, climatic records and country overview,
  • Identification of points of interest to be investigated in priority while on site.

On-site assessment

  • Review of site location and access,
  • Assessment of water availability and topography,
  • Appraisal of soil potential and collection of soil samples for analysis,
  • Comparison of energy availability (national grid vs. generators),
  • Landscape observations,
  • Collection and analysis of local data (water, climate, power supply, local prices),
  • Examination of surrounding corn fields,
  • Evaluation of the social and environmental impact of the project,
  • Interim debriefing meeting in client HQ.
FGM International corn assessment in Ghana

Corn field requiring an improvement of production management.


FGM findings and recommendations were compiled in a detailed pre-feasibility report including:

  • Evaluation of the agronomic potential,
  • Appraisal of the total cultivable area and final land occupation mapping highlighting location and acreage of each type of land,
  • Assessment of the technical requirements for the development including land preparation, access and infrastructure,
  • Identification of the key factors of success and the main challenges to overcome,
  • Business planning update, integrating final production area, realistic yield forecasts, input cost and CapEx requirements,
  • Project phasing and milestones for the development of the project,
  • Review of the starch plant investment strategy,
  • Report presentation to the client.

Provided services in the frame of this project



Number of experts

4 experts




2 Months


1000 ha


New Global Pharmaceuticals

Assigned competencies

  • Agro-economist
  • Agronomist
  • GIS and Mapping Expert
  • Senior Quality Controller

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