Project development and management: 3 150 ha intensive alfalfa production in Sudan

The GLB project is owned by Lebanese and Sudanese investors. In 2011, 87 200 ha of land in Nile River State, Sudan, was granted to the investors by the government. The project aimed at securing significant and sustainable financial returns. However, the investors lacked agronomic capacity and required the involvement of an international farming company to start up the project.

The challenge

In 2013, the first phase of 40 pivots and its irrigation network was under installation. An operational plan of the project was not available, however, the client wanted to start seeding as soon as possible, supported by a top-level crop management company, to avoid any shortfall on its return on investment.

FGM results

Within 6 months after its initial involvement in the project, FGM was able to start the farming of 2000 ha, 90 % planted with alfalfa. Under the leadership of the FGM team, GLB succeeded in achieving the production of top quality alfalfa recognized by the international market and exported to the Gulf Countries, Saudi Arabia and China.

Agronomic and management design

  • Design of the crop planning for alfalfa, corn and Rhodes grass with minimal soil preparation and optimized crop husbandry plans,
  • Optimization of the harvest plan to reach top-level quality production,
  • Procurement of farming equipment for minimum tillage practices,
  • Design of the farm organization chart, workshop and maintenance procedures,
  • Setup of recording procedures for farming activities and ongoing budget control.


Typical output of an agri-drone survey

Full-time crop management

  • FGM HR recruitment recommendations, preparation of job description, on-site and remote recruitment process, selection based on interviews, written and practical tests,
  • Training and evaluation of the new management team and workforce,
  • Direct on-site management of the project with a dedicated senior farm manager,
  • Organization of daily work, performance of management and technical meetings,
  • Agronomic follow-up and crop management according to daily field conditions,
  • Irrigation monitoring by pivot for the whole farm,
  • Monitoring of the budget and farming activities.


State-of-the-art farm management methodology using drone surveys

Economic analysis

  • Economic study and profitability forecast for each cropping season,
  • Review and update of the Business Plan when relevant,
  • Economic recording and analysis for SAP integration.


Main canal for water conveyance

Project main canal

Design and technical assistance

In addition to the full-time management team involved in daily operations, FGM organized complementary site missions to update the farm design according to the evolution of the shareholders’ requirements and specific tasks requiring subject matter experts such as:

  • Review and update of large-scale equipment line,
  • Validation of designs for housing, warehouse, storage and civil engineering,
  • Development of the project and setup of the farm extension project,
  • Topographic and crop status remote-sensing with dedicated drones,
  • Site assessment of the full project extension potential reaching 87 200 ha,
  • Economic forecast.


Project windrowers ready for action

Provided services in the frame of this project

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Number of experts

8 experts


2013 - 2016


3 Years


3150 ha


GLB Invest

Assigned competencies

  • Senior farm managers
  • Chief Production Officer
  • Agro-Economist
  • Crop managers
  • Technical managers
  • GIS expert

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