Rehabiliation of 10-pivots pilot farm in Sudan

INMAA for Poultry Production is a subsidiary of the Wadi Group, the leading Egyptian agribusiness. After four years of operation of its forage and grain production unit in Sudan, the company was facing major infrastructure problems due to corrosive water and required fair and experienced external technical support to rehabilitate and streamline the operations.

The challenge

Only 3 pivots out of the 10 originally installed were still operating. Most of the irrigation network and pumping system was damaged by corrosion, making the potential of further investment uncertain.

FGM results

FGM team provided a comprehensive rehabilitation plan taht justified the investment cost, providing technical solutions to alleviate the corrosion issues and improved alfalfa prodution on damaged soils.

On-site evaluation

The assessment of the current situation of the was performed to identify which emergency actions are required to secure the existing investment for the farm’s rehabilitation.

  • Review of the overall farm situation, its development and operations,
  • Investigation of all installed pivots and operational status,
  • Examination of wells’ specifications, availability of production wells, drilling & casing methods,
  • Appraisal of the list of farm equipment available,
  • Farm management chart analysis and interviewing of managers and operators,
  • Evaluation of the current agricultural practices,
  • Inspection of buildings and farm camp organization,
  • Assessment of soil conditions and subsequent yield potential according to actual soil constraints,
  • Collection of additional technical and economic data.
Typical issue of a pivot damaged by corrosion due to bad water quality.

Typical issue of a pivot damaged by corrosion due to bad water quality.

Rehabilitation plan

  • Elaboration of refurbishment options according to collected information, possibilities and understanding of the client’s goals,
  • Calculation of total CapEx investment and return, projected profit,
  • Specifications for pivot refurbishing in line with the advice of the manufacturer,
  • Proposal for pump specifications to be checked by suppliers,
  • Evaluation additional pivots’ potential to be run with current available assets,
  • Presentation to the client.

Provided services in the frame of this project



Number of experts

3 experts




2 Months


10000 ha



Assigned competencies

  • Senior Large-Scale Farm Development Expert
  • Agro-economist
  • Senior Farm Management Expert

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