Rehabilitation of durum wheat and wrapped corn silage project in Algeria

The investor is a former army officer and owner of a pharmaceutical business in Algeria. Five years before contacting FGM, he started an agricultural enterprise with a 600 ha pivot irrigated project but did not achieve the expected profit. He sought to involve a specialized company to improve project production in terms of quantity and quality.

The challenge

After five years of durum wheat and corn production, the project was not profitable. The site location has shallow soils which limit the yield potential and impoct product quality thus contributing to financial losses.

FGM results

Following an agronomic assessment, including the identification and prioritisation of key factors to be addressed; e.g. enhancement of the infrastructure and specific soil improvement practices, FGM succeeded in transforming the project into a profitable venture.

On-Site preliminary evaluation

Evaluation of site potential and existing farming practices, comprehensive reviews of water resources and soil conditions based on a thorough site assessment and collection of hydrological, climatic and agronomic data.

Wrapped corn silage using baled silage technology.

Wrapped, bailed corn silage.

Project rehabilitation

  • Improvement of the irrigation system with adaptation of the size to fit the capacity of the wells, positioning of the pivot roads and nozzeling specification according to soil infiltration rates,
  • Comprehensive analysis of the current capacity and flows of the wells through mathematical modeling of the aquifer, assessment of the water network, cost estimates and recommendations for optimized investments to improve pumping capacity,
  • Review of the equipment, definition of additional needs with detailed specifications and quotation,
  • Analysis of wheat and corn crop management, proposal for a new cropping plan with up-to-date practices, provision of technical specifications for all required inputs (seeds, fertilizer and chemicals) and estimation of production costs,
  • Soil improvement with optimized weed control and stone removal operations,
  • Enhancement of the site infrastructure with additional buildings for offices and workshop, design of pivot and access roads, protection of electrical lines,
  • Farm management improvement, design and implementation of a new organisation structure adapted to large-scale farming, estimation of required additional human resources,
  • Business Plan including a detailed analysis of rehabilitation costs, additional investments needed and return on investment,
  • Detailed schedule of the rehabilitation plan, including the milestones until 2017.
Definition of the best pest control solution according to actual threats

Definition of the best pest control solution according to identified threats

Production monitoring

  • Crop plan including list of inputs, budget and irrigation capacity,
  • Management and technical assistance during key operations (seeding, harvesting),
  • Remote support and hotline for task management and irrigation monitoring,
  • Continuous in-field training,
  • Provision of technical assistance for implementation of the rehabilitation plan.

Provided services in the frame of this project



Number of experts

5 experts




2 Years


600 ha


Bousteila M.L.

Assigned competencies

  • Senior Agronomist
  • Agro-economist
  • Senior Hydrogeological Expert
  • Farm Manager
  • Crop Manager

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