Assessment and prefeasibility: corn, sunflower, peanuts and potatoes in Chad

FGM’s client, a pioneer in the agricultural sector in Chad, wanted to develop a large-scale farm close to Lake Chad. FGM was selected for its know-how and expertise in the development of such projects in arid areas to provide the initial on-site assessment of the site potential in 2017 and relevant feasibility study with hydrogeological assessment.

The challenge

The project aims to develop a 2 900 ha area of land for the production of corn, sunflower, peanuts and potatoes. Discrepancies in studies on the availability of water from Lake Chad or groundwater were to consider prior to the establishment of water-intensive crops.

FGM results

Despite the water supply issues and related irrigation infrastructure challenges, FGM International has successfully designed both a sustainable and profitable operation, including corn production, in agreement with available natural resources.

Site assessment preparation

  • Evaluation of site location, accessibility, roads, HR and security,
  • Analysis of natural resources (climate, soil and water),
  • Assessment of overall topography, landscape and soil occupation,
  • Analysis of power supply options,
  • Determination of site agronomic potential and requirements for development,
  • Recommendations on adapted rotation (crops) and productivity potential,
  • Review of existing studies, data, and identification of required information,
  • Estimation of total area to be developed and total investment cost,
  • Identification of key steps and risk mitigation.
Water infiltration test performed by FGM International in Chad

Water infiltration test performed by FGM International in Chad

On-site assessment

  • Hydrogeological survey,
  • Farm engineering (irrigation system, power supply, farming equipment, infrastructures),
  • Crop rotation plan (rotation, crop pattern, crop inputs, estimation of production),
  • Human Resources (organizational chart, staffing requirements),
  • Processing units for flour and edible oil (requirements, sizing, suppliers sourcing, storage and conditioning),
  • Detailed Business Plan (cost of production, sales, gross margin, profitability and return on investment).
Review of water availability

Review of water availability


FGM supports its clients in their fundraising process by presenting the given project’s characteristics and by providing technical assistance during the fundraising meeting with banks and financial institutions.

Provided services in the frame of this project



Number of experts

3 experts


2017 - 2018


1 Year


2900 ha



Assigned competencies

  • Agro-economist
  • Senior irrigation expert
  • Chief agronomist
  • Senior advisor large-scale projects expert.

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