Site assessment, 6500 ha irrigated grain project in Mauritania

In the frame of the Mauritanian policies aiming at reducing the dependence to agricultural imports, a consortium of Mauritanian investors intends to develop a large-scale wheat and vegetable production project to meet this demand. Considering FGM International’s experience in this sector, we were asked to evaluate all the parameters of the site.

The challenge

Currently, Mauritanian agriculture is characterized by small-scale subsistence farming. Since this project was one of the first large-scale agricultural projects in the country, no reference information on soil composition and water resources was available. 

FGM results

In view of its experience and expertise in African country, FGM International was able to identify the key issues for the project evaluation. In addition, despite the lack of available data and information, FGM was also successful in advising the client on the selected site’s production potential.

Site Assessment preparation

The aim of preparing the site assessment is to waste as little time as possible on the site, which is why the FGM experts carried out the following:

  • Review of the project development strategy
  • Analysis of social environment and local policies that may have an impact on the project’s development potential,
  • Pre-identification of the production site,
  • Analysis of agricultural capacity based on data provided by the client,
  • Review of the actual land occupation and site access using remote-sensing tools,
  • Additional data collection,
  • Organisation of the on-site assignment.

On-site assessment

FGM carried out the on-site mission including:

  • Detailed study of the water resources, conveyance, and quality,
  • Roughly determine the need for investment in the irrigation system,
  • Analysis of the soil profile characteristics and aptitude for cereal production,
  • Analysis of the area location (climatic and topographic area),
  • Estimate of the actual total area to be developed,
  • Energy access,
  • Assess road availability.
Estimation of water availability and quality.

Estimation of water availability and quality.


Based on the site assessment, a final report has been delivered to the client with all FGM recommendations, identified constraints and advantages about the project and the site area. This report has allowed the client to have the adequate information to make the best decisions in for the development of his project.



Number of experts

3 experts




2 Months


6500 ha



Assigned competencies

  • Agro-economist
  • Agronomist
  • GIS expert

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