Training services : agricultural study tour for an African delegation

The French Government wished to develop the relationship between France and an African institution by sharing French agricultural technical skills and long-term experience. FGM International was contracted to organize and operate a study tour in France focused on value-chain development aspects that can be implemented abroad.

The challenge

For years, African stakeholders of farming projects have been trying to increase the efficiency of their investments without reaching the full potential in terms of quality and quantity. FGM International should facilitate knowledge transfer from French farmers and institutions to the study tour participants.

FGM results

Participants, representing several public and private institutions, have achieved a better understanding of the value-chain potential and got in relation for future partnerships with expert companies and institutions. Despite the heterogeneity of the group, the study tour has enhanced social and professional relations between each actor.

Tour organization and planning

FGM International carried out the tour organization:

  • Identification of pertinent projects, companies and institutions to visit according to the subject matter required by the client,
  • Short listing of the most relevant companies and institutions prior to the secure agreement to hosts the study tour including the presentation guidelines and the target points to focus on,
  • International logistics from country of origin,
  • Local logistics’ preparation including transportation, accommodation, meetings and visits,
  • Design and delivery of the tour program and description of key figures of French agriculture.

Study Tour

According to the subject matter, this tour was organized across three aspects of the value chain improvement.

Integration of the organic production:

  • Visit of organic biscuit factory, Jean et Lisette, and presentation of a fully automated process for the food production value chain including organization and traceability, food security control and supply chain issues,
  • Presentation of a lobbying association for promoting the organic production, Interbio Nouvelle-Aquitaine, that present the economic interest of an organic production.
Agricultural study tour in France - Field visit

Agricultural study tour in France – Field visit

Management of large-scale vegetable production:

  • 2 700-ha producer of vegetables (carrots, green beans and sweet corn), Planète Végétale for a review of its specific management procedures and equipment,
  • 650-ha seed potatoes producer, SCEA Moonen Van Meer, to overview the high quality and high yield production made possible by a state-of-the-art organization and management.
Agricultural study tour in France - Organic conference

Agricultural study tour in France – Organic conference

Institutional improvements

  • Presentation of the production organization, Bonneval, Beauce et Perche Coopération agricole, a cooperative that aims at securing the best production selling prices on the international market,
  • Visit of a French initial and vocational educational training center for technical curriculum, ENILIA (National School of Dairy and Food Industries), specialized in milk production and transformation.

Provided services in the frame of this project



Number of experts

4 experts




1 Month


French Government

Assigned competencies

  • Chief operations Officer
  • Logistics Officer
  • Project Engineers

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