Training & development services

Why train and develop your people?

Your employees are your biggest asset and by developing their potential through Training and Development (T&D) activities it is highly likely that your business will grow sustainably, together with increased profits. Developing your employees will result in a more efficient and engaged workforce. A study by Gallup found that enterprises that have interested and involved employees benefit from 17% increased productivity. The same study found that workgroups that facilitated employee development experienced a doubling of profits compared with those groups that had no personnel development.

FGM International training field operators to integrate GIS into their farming practices.

What is employee development?

Training uses various activities to enable staff to develop specific knowledge or skills to rapidly enhance their current performance. Staff Development usually follows an ongoing growth programme, including training events, focusing on an employee’s future performance.

The FGM Approach

During the implementation of many of FGM’s assignments there is an evident need for the development of some, or all, of the client’s project employees. Within the FGM team there is considerable successful T&D experience, gained through the implementation of numerous practical, applied T&D events in many different countries. FGM will discuss its findings of the client’s staff development needs with the client and then develop and implement a bespoke development programme. FGM does not operate under the ‘one size fits all’ scenario, and  focuses on implementing tailored events that are designed specifically to meet the needs of the client’s team, to increase performance and profits. FGM focuses on Developing Resourceful Humans (DRH) rather than the more generalised Human Resource Development (HRD) approach.

FGM facilitated employee development includes, as necessary, technical and management components and uses the most relevant methodology for effective performance enhancement. This could involve both theory and/or practical activities, individual coaching or group experiences,  as well as events such as Study Tours. The old adage of ‘seeing is believing’ is very true and FGM finds that ‘showing what good looks like’ on a Study Tour, within their own country or abroad, usually convinces participants of what can be achieved and also motivates them to put what they have seen into practice back home at work. This often results in increased production and a greater return on capital for investors.

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