Project implementation

What is the project implementation service ?

An appropriate, well-driven project establishment is the top criterion for a long-lasting and successful agricultural project. This fist practical stage shall rely on preliminary studies either delivered by FGM International or a third party.

A local expert of FGM International supervising the outgrower scheme development.

Involving an agricultural specialist such as FGM International with long-term hands-on international expertise mitigates the risk by facilitating the smooth transition from the establishment phase to the actual operation phase.

How does FGM set up your project ?

To ensure a project’s establishment, FGM International provides a full-time project management service, providing the client with an on-site presence securing the initial project development and reporting the actual progress to the client. After the fulfillment of this assignment, the project will be 100% ready to operate.

Review of the project design

The review of the overall project’s design includes:

  • Layout,
  • Technical specifications,
  • Irrigation design & requirement,
  • Husbandry plan,
  • Project development-phasing -when relevant.

When the project implementation is based on a feasibility study initially performed by FGM International, the review of the project design will be limited to a readjustment according to any requirements update that may have occurred in between the two phases. In case FGM International didn’t author the feasibility study, we still get to use it and apply it accordingly when designing the project.

When there is a chronological time lap between the feasibility and the design phases, or in the case of concrete differences between the initial specifications and the ones we encounter when considering the design of the project, FGM team readjust both the design solution and the allocated budget.

Micro soil levelling for top soil preservation adapted here to desert area.

FGM recommends micro soil levelling for top soil preservation adapted here to desert area.

Procurement and contracting

The procurement phase refers to listing everything to be taken into consideration in order to implement components that directly impact on the production. More precisely it comprises all of the elements below: 

  • Preparation of the terms of reference of a project encompassing all technical specifications according to the preliminary studies that were made,
  • Identification of eventual contractors and providers for the infrastructure construction, the agricultural equipment and all related amenities,
  • Control of the consistency between the submitted proposal and the project’s requirements, identification of probable issues and solutions,
  • Preparation of a final shortlist of providers,
  • Price negotiation.

Quality control

Quality control is a process by which we review the quality of all factors involved; applying it entails quality management.

  • Follow-up of a contract’s execution with third parties involved,
  • Continual quality control during the delivery, building and installation phases.

Production installation

  • Soil preparation and crop installation,
  • Initial livestock installation.

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