Business Plan Review

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Our Business Plan review examines the key assumptions made in the specific agricultural project’s development business plan. We update and augment it as relevant.

Since our team has outstanding experience in supporting and evaluating business plans in a broad range of farming projects, as well as in terms of agri-project management, it will ensure that all the main hypotheses and assumptions of the existing business plan are realistic and in line with the international standards for similar projects. We will also check that major assumptions made are optimal from a production-oriented point of view.

  • Validation of key assumptions related to production mix, expected yields, production area, HR needs.
  • Review of the CapEx plan, including reclamation, equipment, infrastructures and amortization.
  • Review of the OpEx assumptions with crop and livestock husbandry plans and input costs.
  • Economic analysis with comments on Sales, Gross margins, EBIDTA, net profit level and return on investment compared to standards for similar operations.
  • Review of the cash flow and balance sheet models and analysis of the project’s forecasts.
  • FGM’s inclusive appraisal of the project’s economic and financial viability.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Business plan,
  • Company strategy.


We formulate an updated business plan report, including revised assumptions and specific recommendations according to the situation of the current site, within 7 working days from the date of the order.

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