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FGM International has developed a series of agricultural products which can help any farm or agricultural project at all levels anywhere in the world. At any point of your project, whether you are a farm owner or manager, if you are looking for something specific that would increase or refine your production, we suggest that you consult our list of products below. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be glad to address your specific demand.

Are you an investor or are you operating a farm?

According to the client’s profile some products are more relevant than others. You may use the two filters below according to your profile and needs.

What are your current or future agricultural needs?

You may use the filters below to refine your research criteria in order to seek specific relevant products.

  • Agricultural Country Note

    A fair and independent evaluation of the agricultural sector in your country of interest.

  • Annual Budget Review

    The annual budget review of an agricultural project is undertaken through a specific, documented analysis, which we can update when it is considered to be wise and useful. This product can determine the success of a farming project.

  • Business Plan Review

    Our Business Plan review examines the key assumptions made in the specific agricultural project’s development business plan. We update and augment it as relevant.

  • Camp Layout Design

    The camp layout will provide you with an optimized organization of your base camp to facilitate your production, operation and management. For remote sites, FGM International integrates the service infrastructure to accommodate the staff.

  • Carbon Footprint Assessment

    FGM’s carbon footprint assessment calculates the comprehensive greenhouse gases’ (GHG) emission for a given farming project and provides the client with an extensive study and advice concerning its the control of emissions.

  • Crop Data Sheet

    The crop data sheet is a single page product grouping information on the most relevant elements concerning production figures for a specific crop in a determined area.

  • Crop Husbandry Plan

    The crop husbandry plan provides the client with all the technical elements to ensure the future production of a selected crop or to improve their current practices.

  • Emergency Technical Support

    On-demand assistance for any question or matter regarding an in-field agricultural production issue. This is a fully customizable (“pay-per-issue”) product which is very useful in times of crisis and at any stage of the project.

  • Energy Mix Appraisal

    Our energy mix appraisal product provides the client with a comprehensive study of the energy performance of the full range of electricity generation technologies.

  • Equipment Requirements and Specifications

    The equipment requirements and specifications consist in an independent advisory tool for the equipment list required for a specific crop. FGM International provides terms of reference ready to be submitted to any manufacturer to obtain a tailored quotation.

  • Hotline Operational Support

    Hotline operational support provides remote assistance to agricultural landowners or their technical team, through a dedicated hotline, giving support on a day-to-day basis for their farming activities.

  • Irrigation Design Review

    The irrigation design review product involves an overall review of an existing irrigation design to confirm its adequacy/conformity in terms of international technical standards, using as comparative references FGM's previous similar experiences and projects.

  • Job Description Profiling

    Job description profiling applies to farm managers, middle managers and employees. It supports the recruitment, development and performance follow-up of your human resources.

  • Land Occupation Mapping

    Our land occupation-mapping product enables the identification of the best location to initiate a farming project within the target area selected by the client. It also allows us to size the potential development extent of the land.

  • Maintenance Procedures Guidelines

    Our maintenance procedures guidelines aggregate a set of best practices to keep your farming equipment operative in terms of day-to-day farming activities.

  • Multiple-crop Rotation Plan

    The crop rotation plan organizes different types of crops sequenced in the same geographical area to maximize overall yield, profit and results whilst benefiting from the agronomic advantages of the various crop types.

  • OpEx and Sales Estimates

    The OpEx and Sales Estimates is an additional product to the crop husbandry plans. It determines the operational costs of production and the related income according to the production potential.

  • Organizational Chart and Management Procedures

    The organizational chart is the schematic structure of the farm management. Associated management procedures are highlighted with guidelines.

  • Organizational Chart Design

    The organizational chart delivered by FGM International is the schematic structure of the farm management with operational departments, staff positions in each and interdepartmental relations.

  • Overall Project Master Plan

    The overall project master plan comprises an exhaustive analysis of the entire set of feasibility studies; these usually cover the layout of the farm, including fields, camp and special infrastructure location, access roads as well as the general irrigation network.

  • Production Storage Requirements and Specifications

    An inadequate storage solution or practices might crucially affect the final product's quality or occasion extra costs. Secure your investment relying on our recognized ability for managing storage in various environments and for many types of productions.

  • Rapid Site Review and Scoring

    The remote site review and scoring product offers an analysis and scoring of the agronomic potential for a defined land area.

  • Review of Soil Surveys

    The thorough review of an existing soil survey aims at confirming its accuracy, adequacy and consistency as well as verifying the soil's adequacy for the planned crop with technical standards according to FGM's experience in similar conditions.

  • Review of Water Resource Survey

    The water survey is an overall review of our client’s existing water resource survey to confirm its adequacy compared with international technical standards, using as reference FGM's previous experience obtained in similar conditions.

  • Site Assessment

    Our agricultural site assessment product provides the client with a review of the agronomic development and economic potential for a selected land area.

  • Staff List & Payroll Plan

    The Staff List and Payroll Plan is a document calibrated on your project’s goals to highlight team requirements, as well as any necessary scale-up and payroll with incentives.

  • Technical Due Diligence

    Technical due diligence comprises a fair and independent analysis of all technical aspects of the targeted farming enterprise with the objective of assessing its viability and interest for acquisition or its capability of integrating third party existing ventures.

  • Training Needs Analysis

    Needs analysis is an important component and often the first step for the planning, implementation and evaluating of an agricultural project’s performance. By identifying the stakeholders and their needs, outcomes and activities can be tailored to suit.

  • Warehouse Requirements and Design

    The design of the warehouse is indispensable to a successful project as it ensures the efficient storage of essential parts, inputs and any other consumables.

  • Workshop Requirements and Design

    The design of the workshop is an essential part of a successful project as it will enable good maintenance of the machinery to provide efficient operations, avoid breakdowns and facilitate quick repairs when required.

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