Camp Layout Design

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The camp layout will provide you with an optimized organization of your base camp to facilitate your production, operation and management. For remote sites, FGM International integrates the service infrastructure to accommodate the staff.

The camp layout should optimize the machinery fleet’s traffic to reduce equipment downtime for maintenance and service purposes. Smart positioning of each facility will also facilitate staff contact to support reporting procedures and HR management. Drawing on its considerable experience of managing long-term agricultural projects, FGM International has sound practice in camp design, which is a key milestone in any project’s development and will provide a practical blueprint of the camp and its facilities.

  • Base camp layout with position of buildings, roads, energy and sanitary facilities,
  • Internal organization blueprint of key buildings (workshop, warehouse, office, storage facility, dormitory and restaurant),
  • Circulation plan avoiding unecessary traffic,
  • Specific recommendations.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Land location,
  • Project strategy.


We design and deliver the blueprints of the overall layout of the camp’s and its key building. In addition, a technical note including specific recommendations and circulation plan will be provided within 6 working days from receipt of the order.

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