Crop data sheet

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The crop data sheet is a single page information product grouping the most relevant elements concerning production figures for a specific crop in a determined area.

The document delivered by FGM relies on our extensive experience in agronomy and management as well as on our specific skillset regarding the said crop in the said production area. This makes this document a valuable support tool for decision making in the frame of both new and ongoing projects.

  • Key issues, main technical parameters and challenges to consider for the possible crop.
  • Yield: achievable production figures based on FGM’s experience.
  • Average production costs, according to FGM’s observations and management standards.
  • Human resources required per ha and average cost.
  • CapEx requirements and structure for developing a project in similar conditions and context.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

Target crop and production location.


We supply our client with our crop data sheet within 1 working day from the actual date of order.

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