Crop Husbandry Plan


The crop husbandry plan provides the client with all the technical elements to ensure the future production of a selected crop or to improve their current practices. It includes a list of key parameters to take into account during production, the set of field activities to perform with their duration and deadlines and the list of required inputs (seeds, fertilizers, chemicals) to use during the growing cycle.

Our clients can use an FGM crop husbandry plan for 3 purposes. It initially serves as a base to determine crop production costs and gross margin through the listed inputs and required quantity. It also plans the purchasing of all required inputs to prepare for the growing season. Ultimately the list of activities and required practices are the main guidelines to follow-up on the crop during the growing season.

  • Key issues: main technical parameters and challenges to take into account for the production of the selected crop in the project’s specific environmental conditions.
  • Production: achievable yield (in tonne/ha) through implementation of the FGM crop husbandry plan, also based on the selected area’s natural potential.
  • Inputs: specification and quantity of seeds, chemicals, and fertilizers.
  • Activities: set of activities, input requirements and planning in line with the crop cycle and crop stages.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Project location
  • Expected crop rotation
  • Irrigation type and capacity if relevant


Within 7 working days from the receipt of our client’s order, we deliver a crop husbandry plan in PDF format including:

  • Description of Key issues
  • Expected yield
  • Calendar of field activities based on crop stages
  • Table with input specifications and required quantity per ha

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