Equipment Requirements and Specifications


The equipment requirements and specifications consist in an independent advisory tool for the equipment list required for a specific crop. FGM International provides terms of reference ready to be submitted to any manufacturer to obtain a tailored quotation.
FGM International’s approach is to maximize production utilising the minimum necessary equipment. The list of required equipment that FGM provides, avoids over-spending on costly and superfluous assets whilst enabling a scaled-up margin. The list focuses on the technical specifications and number of units required without promoting any specific manufacturer.

  • Review of the crop requirements according to the project environment,
  • Review of the equipment’s compatibility, complementarity and adjusment capability to achieve the desired performance,
  • Listing and enumeration of the necessary equipment and indication of the ideal required technical specifications with metrics, power and special features for each piece of equipment.

Prerequisites to deliver the product

  • Target crop,
  • Climate and soil data,
  • Land location,
  • Project strategy.


We provide adapted technical specifications for all the equipment required for your specific production within 5 working days from receipt of the order.

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