Management service

What is an integrated management service ?

Running an agricultural project, especially a large-scale one, or a project integrating advanced practices and specific multiple-crop rotation, requires topmost management skills. Our historical core competency and expertise is the management project. With more than 30 years of experience in effectively managing agricultural projects all around the globe, we have developed a wide set of skills in terms of running an agricultural project of all sorts and sizes.

The management service includes both technical and agronomic skills to optimize the production.

FGM International is not a recruitment firm and advises against concentrating all the responsibility for the success of a project on a single person. Our method consists in committing with a long-term duty, mobilizing one or more dedicated on-site managers for key positions. We enhance that with regularly bringing subject matter experts -operating remotely or on-site- to alleviate the project by offering their support during key milestones of the project operation.

Our headquarters perform logistical and administrative support to keep operators focused on the mission and alleviate the client’s intendances.

Entrusting us with the management of a project will relieve your personal engagement whilst improving its potential success at the same time.

How does FGM International address all your operational needs ?

According to each project’s specificities and characteristics, FGM’s mandate can cover the following:

  • Recruitment support: elaboration of job descriptions, final interviews and selection of adequate profiles in accordance with the local management,
  • Preparation and implementation of standard operation procedures performed by the FGM HQ team according to the farm’s specificities concerning key aspects of the project,
  • Implementation of the management structure, direct decision making and management of farm departments with managers and supervisors,
  • Implementation of log’s processes and reporting, data recording, management and reporting,
  • Planning of daily activities,
  • Procurement of production inputs,
  • Production management,
  • Continuous on field training both for top-management and field operators.
  • End of season report, next-year projections and budget follow-up.

The ultimate goal of the management service is to deliver a self-sufficient running -and viable- project to our client, through the transmission of our know-how to him and the staff in charge.

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