Crop husbandry plan & technical note for farm infrastructure in Azerbaijan

FGM was assigned by an Azerbaijani company to provide remote consultancy regarding cropping programs for its local team of specialists. FGM provided the client with a crop husbandry plan and specifications for farm infrastructure.

The challenge

To work on a totally remote basis (from France), to provide the client with technical specifications for farm infrastructure that will enable efficient management of the expected farm production. To be delivered in addition to a crop husbandry plan made by FGM in 2018.

FGM results

FGM provided a detailed crop husbandry plan and farm infrastructure specifications, i.e. farm layout, building design, together with the full list of equipment necessary for the infrastructure.

Crop husbandry plan

  • Review of existing data such as climate, soil potential and water quality,
  • Listing of required equipment,
  • Method for crop selection (Corn and soybean),
  • Procedure for soil preparation,
  • Fertilization and crop protection plans,
  • Irrigation scheduling,
  • Harvesting methods and storage.

Technical note

  • List of required infrastructure (Farm offices, workshop, silos and dryer, warehouse, accommodation),
  • Layout of the farm,
  • Listing of technical specifications for each infrastructure.

FGM services for next steps

This report was prepared based on desk studies and data analysis. FGM usually provides more detailed and tailor-made services including an on-site investigation. This is absolutely necessary to enable the FGM team to gain in-field knowledge, understanding and facts that cannot be acquired from afar however good the information that is supplied remotely to the company.

Next steps would include:

  1. Site visit,
  2. Adjustment of the crop husbandry plan,
  3. Soil mapping and corrective actions,
  4. Engineering and specifications of farm infrastructure, equipment and management,
  5. Farm and crop management support.

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Number of experts

3 experts




1 Month


1430 ha


Mirlex trading

Assigned competencies

  • Chief Agronomist
  • Senior Expert
  • Quality Control Officer

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