Crop Data Sheet

The crop data sheet is a single page product grouping information on the most relevant elements concerning production figures for a specific crop in a determined area. The document delivered by FGM draws on an extensive experience in agronomy and management as well as on our specific skillset regarding the said crop in the given production area. This makes this document a valuable support tool for decision making in the framework of both new and ongoing projects. Key issues, main technical parameters and challenges to consider for the possible crop. Yield: achievable production figures based on FGM’s experience. Average production costs, according to FGM’s observations and management standards. Human resources required per ha and average cost. CapEx requirements and structure for developing a project in similar conditions and context.

Multiple-crop Rotation Plan

The crop rotation plan organizes different types of crops sequenced in the same geographical area to maximize overall yield, profit and results whilst benefiting from the agronomic advantages of the various crop types. The crop rotation plan delivered by FGM optimizes the sequencing of crops produced in the various fields over the years. The rotation of multiple crops is recommended to maintain or develop the organic matter content of the soil, improve its fertility and structure while enhancing control of insects, weeds, diseases and erosion. Amongst the many technical benefits of this plan, we underline the fact that it can reduce production costs and increase the profit margin per crop. The multiple-crop rotation methodology may be associated with crop husbandry plans to further optimize the production potential. Detailed crop scenario including comparison between different possibilities according to the project’s objective and the expected yield. Tailored estimation of input requirements.

Energy Mix Appraisal

Our energy mix appraisal product provides the client with a comprehensive study of the energy performance of the full range of electricity generation technologies. Our team of experts will perform an extensive study of your project’s current energy performance (for an existing project) or determine the best energy mix for a new project. Starting  from  the  available  energy  resources  in  the  project  area,  the  objective  is  to compare the full range of energy production technologies (grid, fossil and renewable), integrating criteria such as life cycle and constraints during operations. Also included are the various costs and returns on investment to determine the most appropriate mix of energies to be used, to optimize your OpEx and CapEx expenditures. Calculation of all energy requirements, including seasonal variation, for the project in question. Review of energy generation solutions according to site location and available infrastructure. Contact with suppliers to assess OpEx and CapEx […]

Hotline Operational Support

Hotline operational support provides remote assistance to agricultural landowners or their technical team, through a dedicated hotline, giving support on a day-to-day basis for their farming activities. Through the use of the Hotline FGM International has adapted the delivery of its technical knowledge and the implementation of its extensive farming experience, to help farm businesses solve unusual problems that might occur during their routine operations. Crop husbandry plans: detailed review and adjustment of the inputs’ list and activities, as well as planning per crop. Maintenance planning: preventive maintenance plan and organization concerning farming equipment, organization of the workshop. Warehouse stock management: assistance for the organization of an inputs’ warehousing plan and procedures. Collection and analysis of on-site observations made by the client’s local team. Advisory guidance of the operations and continuous follow-up of the activities.

Crop Husbandry Plan

The crop husbandry plan provides the client with all the technical elements to ensure the future production of a selected crop or to improve their current practices. It includes a list of key parameters to take into account during production, the set of field activities to perform with their duration and deadlines and the list of required inputs (seeds, fertilizers, chemicals) to use during the growing cycle. Our clients can use an FGM crop husbandry plan for 3 purposes. It initially serves as a base to determine crop production costs and gross margin through the listed inputs and required quantity. It also plans the purchasing of all required inputs to prepare for the growing season. Ultimately the list of activities and required practices are the main guidelines to follow-up on the crop during the growing season. Key issues: main technical parameters and challenges to take into account for the production […]

Land Occupation Mapping

Our land occupation-mapping product enables the identification of the best location to initiate a farming project within the target area selected by the client. It also allows us to size the potential development extent of the land. The remaining land is categorized as relevant, as challenging areas, occupied zones, areas to be reallocated or to be discarded. To perform this assignment, FGM International relies on its partnership with satellite operators such as Airbus Space and Defense, and its own expertise in land appraisal. Measuring the exact area of cultivable land is fundamental to be able to actually define the project’s size. It also provides the necessary data to undertake a prognosis of the land’s production potential and related revenues. An agricultural project relies on several factors, depending on the desired crop, such as land flatness, flood risk, rocky areas and so on. Equipped with a land occupation map, the project […]

Emergency Technical Support

On-demand assistance for any question or matter regarding an in-field agricultural production issue. This is a fully customizable (“pay-per-issue”) product which is very useful in times of crisis and at any stage of the project. If you experience any crop production problem such as water stress, disease or pest infestation, FGM International will mobilize its technical and practical expertise to provide, via a hotline support call, its extensive experience to assist you in the resolution of the problem. Diagnosis of the issue, Resolution process to solve it.

Irrigation Design Review

The irrigation design review product involves an overall review of an existing irrigation design to confirm its adequacy/conformity in terms of international technical standards, using as comparative references FGM’s previous similar experiences and projects. Our core team is expert in facilitating projects involving complex water conveyance systems and has the essential knowledge and significant practice in the field of irrigation management. This review ensures that the irrigation system design is balanced according to the actual water needs of your targeted production, taking into account the natural environment (climate and water resources) as well as the future operational organization of the specific project. Review of water requirements estimates according to the needs of the planned crops and climatic conditions. Appraisal of the design criteria parameters and technical assumptions. Overall assessment of required specifications for equipment and material such as pipelines’ layout, canal design, storage dams. Objective analysis of pumping stations, including […]

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